Please notice that ModPanel videos apply to Newtrols as well, so you may want to check out those too!

HAMU - Rack Extensions


Rack Extensions for Propellerheads Reason






We love patch cables. The back plane of Reason is the place for creativity and magic. Our Rack Extensions is our humble contribution to empower all experimentalists with more flexibility and tools for the exploration of Sounds!



Newtrol 8 Newtrol 12 Newtrol 16





The Newtrol comes in three versions, with 8, 12 or 16 'channels' (columns) of controls.

Please notice that the functionality of the Newtrols is available also as ModPanels, at lower prices to promote our Hamu brand purpleness. Only the looks are different.


Newtrol 8 is maybe enough for most, and will allow you to add longer tag names to the control widgets. When you really need to have as much controls as possible in a single panel, the Newtrol 16 is of course your choice, while Newtrol 12 may be the best compromise if you want to stay with one version. What MIDI control surface you use is of course also an important aspect.

To make it easier for you to choose, we sell the three panels in a bundle, at less than 50% of the separate prices!


Due to the restricted width of a rack extension, the 16 channel version is missing MIDI performance output and also has bipolar and invert switches which affect eight controls each.



The Newtrols have all the functionality you need to run your live performance from a single control panel:

  • Lots of control outputs, for all your devices
  • Save and restore control settings in patches
  • MIDI notes distribution and performance outputs

Perfect for working with remote controllers. Remote maps available for Behringer BCF2000, Korg NanoKontrol...

See downloads further down.


From a Newtrol you can access any control on any device in your rack. And there is room for plenty of labeled parameters.

Instead of addressing your control surface to device parameters one by one, by remote override or locking the surface to rack devices, use a ModPanel to have the useful parameters accessible from a single surface.

Let your controller follow the selected track in Reasons main sequencer, and select tracks for Newtrols. Thanks to the included midi key and performance handling, all you need will now follow you to the selected track. Just keep on playing!



As been said above, the functionality and layout are identical, only looks differ.

Newtrol Patch Contest Results


In February 2015 there was a contest for patches using the Newtrol devices. The number of participants was maybe a bit disappointing, but a number of intresting patches were created.


These patches have also been refitted with ModPanels in place of the Newtrol.

Please refer to the ModPanel page for more information and ModPanel downloads.


You can download the Newtrol versions of the patches here


Patch Contest Examples


The following downloads include only Reason devices and free Rack Extensions,

if you just want to try something out!


Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Backdrop for combinators

So you'll know whats inside...


Newtrol Remotemaps


The rometemaps are available as of now.

If you have remotemaps or similar add on files related to ModPanels, and care to share,

you're immensly welcome to send to, and we may add your contributions here!


This actully includes some other hamu devices too, so be our guest:



Building Newtrol setup from scratch


A presentation on how to setup a Newtrol 8 to act as controller for several instrument and effect combinators.

Streching over half an hour, this one gives you time to follow all cabling and in detail how to set up the combinators and devices.


Sorry, no download available for this one.

Newtrol with additional RE's as a musical box


No speech, only playing through a setup made as an experiment and demonstration. Most of the time this is just created from one chord played once from the MIDI keyboard, and then tweaked from the Newtrol panel.


If you have most of the included rack extentions, you may be interested in downloading the combi patches.

This first combinator includes a number of non free rack extentions:

Pulsar, Mesher4K, Newtrol16, Radical Piano, Mesher4B, Euclid, AutoTheory, MxSplirger, ModSelsor and MatchMaker.


The Marimba things are a separate issue, and more played than looping. It includes the following non free RE's:

Chenille, Titus, ModSlewer, MxSplirger and AutoTheory.




Newtrol 12 controlling 2 NN19 and 3 FX

With the instruments as well as FX placed in their own combinators, this rack represents a kind of modular way of building your own combinations of sound sources and effects.

This one includes a number of rack extensions from different developers, notably Audiomatic, Neutron and Steerpike for FX. Also MxSplirger, Mesher4K, ModSlewer and Mingler from Hamu, and again AutoTheory from Pitchblende.


This download includes the entire song file:







One more Newtrol demo


Just a couple of Newtrols to demonstrate the ease of access via remote control (BFC2000). The Newtrols/ModPanels have a track each and swapping to previous/next track brings up the next control board. For each Newtrol the controls are all available on the remote, as well as changing patch to quickly get to saved settings.

I know very few of you appreciate the sounds, but hopefully you can appreciate how this can be used with your own setups.


Not available for download.

The End