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Rack Extensions for Propellerheads Reason






We love patch cables. The back plane of Reason is the place for creativity and magic. Our Rack Extensions is our humble contribution to empower all experimentalists with more flexibility and tools for the exploration of Sounds!




MxSplirger is no revolution, but a very flexible evolution of how to split and merge CV signals!


It's all 'self arranging' and you can connect cables to setup one-to-many (split), many-to-one (merge) and even many to many (splirge). The configuration lamps will be lit as you connect cables, to immediately show you the current internal connections.

'Many' can be anything from 1 to 24.


Level knobs are available, mainly intended for fine adjustment when needed, like a socket trim knob but up front.


MxSplirger - when not folded - is cosmetically designed to pair up as bottom device with MatchMaker at the top, together sort of gently framing what ever you put in between.




MxSplirger is very flexible!

It's all 'self arranging' and you can connect cables to setup any number of CV inputs to merge and/or split to any number of outputs. The configuration lamps are visible on both front and back panel, and will be lit as soon you connect a cable next to another. To get a working 'splirge cluster' you need at least one input and one output cable connected vertically, which will be 'the bridge' of the cluster. When a bridge has been established, the cluster will inlude all input cables to left and right of the bridge, as far as there is no open socket, and the same goes for the outputs.

In this way, inputs of a merger cluster and outputs of a splitter cluster can even overlap, as long as they are functionally separated by open sockets.


Knobs are mainly intended for fixed level adjustment when this is needed, like a socket trim knob, but on the front, so there are no modulation sockets for these knobs. The level knob of each channel affects both the input and the output, which makes sense when you do one to many splitting or many to one merging. With a many to many configuration, it may be more tricky, but in most cases one would assume these knobs are all set to 1 anyway...

The knob level is multiplied with the socket level on each connected input, and then all inputs are added to the level of the 'bridge', which is visualized with a lit vertical connection between the inputs and the outputs. The bridge level is then split to all connected outputs, where again it is multipied with the knob level before output to each socket.


Finally, notice that MxSplirger graphically fits as the bottom of the 'internal devices', with MatchMaker as the top.


Above you see the back panel, with cables hidden, of the same configuration as in the front and folded front picture further up on this page



Below is an extreme example of how you may overlap , split 1->22 and merge 22->1 in the same unit at the same time!


In the example below, you can see both back and front of a configuration including six splirge clusters. The most natural way to visually understand how clusters are connected, is to look for the active bridges! So, below we have, from left;

a 4 → 7 splirger overlapped by

a 3 → 3 splirger overlapped by

a 4 → 3 splirger, followed by

a 4 → 1 merger overlapping

a 1 → 3 splitter and finally

a 2 → 1 merger

Notice the lit bridges!




Finally a picture of my renewed setup for harmonics and octave shift as presented in that video you may have seen.






This video is simply a basic presentation of this Rack Extension.


There is no patch available to accompany this,

and so there is nothing to download..


Mingler Module


This video presents one 'CV Module' setup with three Minglers, combine the four CV sequencer outputs of a Mercury device

(a product from Quadelectra).

There is also a similar eight-to-one module solution using seven Minglers to combine two Mercuries into a single instrument.


Click on the links in the text above to download combinator patches.


CV Modules


This video briefly describes a quite complex setup , including lots of Hamu devices.


Should you happen to be one of the very few deeply interested users, you must check it out! Use this link to download the entire combinator patch of the video! =)

The End